As one of the world’s largest purveyors of fasteners, our vast network of distribution centers and excellent customer service will make sure you have what you need to stay stocked with the best products.

Who We Are

Our Story

PrimeSource is one of the largest purveyors of fasteners in the world and one of the largest distributors of building materials in North America.

With 34 distribution centers and 1,200 employees across North America and the Caribbean, our distribution network is larger and more comprehensive than any other in the industry.

Our core products include: Nails, screws, collated fasteners, tools, compressors, accessories, roofing, gypsum, insulation, concrete accessories, building accessories and wire fence products. Along with these key categories, each of our distribution centers stocks a vast array of building products geared specifically for the market that they each service.

When you choose PrimeSource, you will be treated as a partner, with your specific needs addressed. We can trace our roots back to 1938, and we are here today because of the relationships we have built throughout the industry. Our track record proves that we are in it for the long haul. We serve the residential and industrial new-construction and remodeling markets as a value-added link in the distribution chain.

    Our customers include:
  • Independent lumber & building supply dealers
  • Major retailers (big boxes)
  • Retail building supply chains
  • Concrete & construction supply yards
  • Roofing wholesalers
  • Drywall distributors
  • Wire & fencing supply yards
  • Agricultural supply yards
  • Steel fabricators
  • Industrial customers
  • Specialty wholesalers
  • Select wholesale & specialty distributors including STAFDA & other group members